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Yamuna Yoga is the inspiration that started it all
yamuna yoga


Did you know the inspiration for Yamuna Yoga’s full-body fitness workout grew from the ancient practice of Yoga? 

Yamuna Zake, a Yogi and originator of Yamuna Body Rolling, was searching for a way to heal herself from an injury that occurred during childbirth. Frustrated by her lingering injury, Yamuna went back to explore what she knows best, the logic and wisdom of Yoga! 

Combining the principles of Yoga with her knowledge of anatomy, she created Yamuna Body Rolling as a way for us to work on our own bodies, using her specially designed body balls. YBR offers the benefits of a full-body fitness workout, yoga, massage, and healing – all rolled into one.

While there is a much longer story to the entire evolution of the technique, Yoga was the path of inspiration for the Yamuna® Body Rolling Method.


Yamuna Yoga is a unique Body Rolling practice using various Yamuna® balls as a supportive prop to explore Yoga asanas. As your body sinks into the balls, traction is created encouraging proper alignment and space for you to breath into. 

The result is an incredible release of “stuck energy” in tightly held areas of the body. This energy release is what makes us feel “oh so good” after a YBR Yoga or Body Rolling session.

In both Yoga and YBR, we are looking at the body in a 360-degree view. From this perspective, the front, back, side of the body are balanced, strong, and free of collapse, counteracting the negative effects of gravity and a sedentary lifestyle.


Today’s video uses the Yamuna® Foot Savers in Tadasana or mountain pose.  A great place to start because your feet are the foundation for all standing postures.

Place the Foot Savers just in front of your heel. This lifts the arch, aligns your bones, creating balance and grounding. The Foot Savers help prevent common misalignment issues we all have. 

Root to rise, and give it a go! 

Want to explore more YBR Yoga? There are more detailed Yoga flows, YBR breathing exercises, and Foot Fitness on YBR Anytime, my online Yamuna® Body Rolling Studio subscription.  

Because we are a body electric, moving and freeing stuck energy with YBR allows us to live vibrantly and free of pain. YBR is “Your Body Regenerated!”

Namaste Y’all

xo Dianne