Yamuna® Yoga


Whether you are an experienced yogi or new to the practice, YBR Yoga can help you to go deeper, hold poses longer, increase flexibility and radiate power and grace.

Inhale, exhale, sink, expand.

In this unique practice, we use various Yamuna balls as supportive props to master and explore yoga asanas while preventing common misalignment injuries.


Take your yoga practice on a roll

YBR Yoga will help you to fully experience a deeply therapeutic and playful yoga.
It’s as easy as – inhale, exhale, sink and expand – one deep breath at a time.



“Dianne Glass has really found a great self-help tool for stretching, freeing up the all-important fascia and working on those hard-to-get-at spots in your body. It’s called body rolling and Dianne has achieved some amazing results. Used by professional athletes and the general public alike, body rolling gets you more mobile, flexible and generally feeling more healthy. Dianne is one of the leading exponents of teaching people how to use the balls that are involved in body rolling, and if you are interested in good health and your body feeling good, it is definitely something you should try.” –DAVID LEADBETTER