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Fix your Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain
Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain


I bet you have foot pain, heel pain, or maybe even Plantar Fasciitis heel pain if you’re reading this.

Did your first step this morning grab your attention with a sharp stabbing pain in your foot?

I bet you’re thinking, wait a minute, I’m fit, I work out, I stretch. Why the heck am I suddenly getting foot pain? 

The good news is you don’t have to live with Plantar Fasciitis heel pain.  A YBR Foot Fitness program can strengthen, align and exercise your feet.  And that is what I am here to share with you, Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) Foot Fitness to heal your Plantar Fasciitis heel pain.

YBR Foot Fitness is the MOST effective method I have found to help prevent and heal Plantar Fasciitis heel pain foot pain. Think of it as your treatment for Plantar Fasciitis. 

Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Pain each gets over 600,000 monthly searches on Google.

It’s incredible to me how many people let the term Plantar Fasciitis just roll off their tongue. Even more impressive is that they know how to spell it correctly! 

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

The culprit involves an inflammation of a thick band of tissue or plantar fascia that runs across the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes, 

Your Plantar Fascia supports the muscles and arch of your foot. When it’s overly stretched or sometimes under stretched, you can get tiny tears on its surface. It also happens when poor posture causes improper weight bearing into the foot. This improper weight bearing can bring on pain and inflammation. AKA Plantar Fasciitis heel pain. 

Who gets Plantar Fasciitis?

You are at a greater risk of Plantar Fasciitis heel pain If you fall into one or more of these categories: are a female over 40 – (yup, that sucks) you have flat feet or high arches, tight Achilles tendons and calf muscles, you have poor walking patterns, faulty foot alignment, are overweight, And, if you stand long hours and wear the wrong shoes (even comfy ones!) 

I have a lot to say about shoes in a moment.

How do I fix my foot pain?

In that Plantar Fasciitis google search, I bet you came across these most common treatments:  physical therapy, shoe inserts or orthotics, steroid injections, and surgery.

The problem with these options is that they only offer a temporary fix because you aren’t getting to the source of your foot pain, or taught how to fix it yourself. 

As an Acupuncture Physician, Manual Therapist, and a Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR) Educator for over 25 years, I have found YBR Foot Wakers and Foot Savers to be the MOST effective tool to prevent Plantar Fasciitis heel pain and foot pain. 

YBR foot exercises help heal your Plantar Fasciitis heel pain , re-distribute faulty weight-bearing, and re-educate functional ways to walk and prevent further foot breakdown. 

That way, your whole foot is walking with active muscles, proper weight-bearing, and good alignment with every step. 

Let’s start with the Walking Test

We have a simple diagnostic exercise we call The Walking Test.  Watch the video below and give it a stroll. 

The Walking Test is an indicator of where your feet are not functioning correctly. It also helps you feel and see the improvements after doing the YBR Foot Fitness exercises.  The Walking Test also is a natural walking pattern of your foot anatomy from heel to toe.

The walking test is also a prop-less exercise you can practice anytime to check your foot fitness.  

Self-Care is the overriding theme of Body Rolling.  You can heal yourself, and you can heal your Heel!

Meet the Yamuna Foot Wakers And Foot Savers

I usually suggest starting with the Foot Wakers. These semi-soft, nubby half-spheres increase circulation, flexibility, range of motion, and proper foot alignment. The Foot Wakers are appropriate for all levels of fitness because you can use them seated or standing. 

The Foot Savers, in contrast, are smaller and denser than the Foot Wakers. They allow you to work in more detail to stimulate your tendons, muscles, and bones. They are great for alignment, balance, and posture. We also use them with YBR standing yoga postures for a profoundly therapeutic yoga experience.

Practicing YBR Foot Fitness for as little as 10 minutes a day will “wake up” your feet by stimulating reflexology points and acupuncture meridians in the bottom of your feet.

These powerful areas in the bottom of your feet have reflexes that send qi, blood flow, and circulation throughout your entire body.

So, when you care for your feet, you are benefiting your entire being.

How to get started with a YBR Foot Fitness session

 YBR Foot Sessions isolate the feet in zones: 

  • Starting in the heel 
  • Then moves just before the heel 
  • Then between the ball of foot and heel 
  • The balls of the feet
  • Finally the toes 

This protocol mirrors how your foot anatomy works. Your Heel strikes, then the foot thrusts forward through your lateral arch, then the weight ‘transfers’ from lateral to medial through the transverse arch or the balls of the feet. Just like in the Walking Test!

YBR Foot sessions divide the foot into three lines:

  • Outside line –  Heel through the fourth and fifth toe.
  • Middle line  –  Heel through third and second toe
  • Inside line – Heel through the first toe (big toe)
Screen Shot 2021 09 10 at 11.43.32 AM

YBR Foot exercises start on the outside line, where most of the weight-bearing in the foot is supported. It is also called your lateral arch.

You will see significant improvements in your gait and foot function using YBR Foot Fitness techniques.  The goal is to re-establish flexibility and weight-bearing in your outside line and lateral arch. 

One of the most common patterns we see as practitioners of YBR Foot Fitness (here is a link to all of the Certified YBR Practitioners – (find one in your area,) is faulty weight-bearing, where all your weight collapses into the inside line and especially the big toe.  

This faulty weight bearing into the medial part of the foot contributes to Plantar fasciitis heel pain, Morton’s Neuromas, Bunions, Fallen Arches, and lack of flexibility and movement in the entire foot.

And it’s easy to fix Plantar Fasciitis heel pain with a YBR Foot Fitness program. We begin in the lateral line and then connect to all the other zones.

What about corrective shoes?

Wearing the wrong shoes, even comfy, arch support shoes designed for Plantar Fasciitis heel pain, will not heal your foot pain. They are just another bandaid.

While it’s nice to find a comfortable shoe to walk in, the shoe won’t fix the problem. When you bind up your feet —  even in comfy shoes, it makes your feet lazy. 

Here’s a cautionary tale about the state-of-the-art technology in footwear, designed to feel like you’re “walking on clouds.”

I recently started walking an hour a day to increase my cardio fitness. With a shiny new pair of running shoes, designed to prevent fasciitis and make you feel like “you’re walking on clouds.”  I confidently hit the trail. 

Two days in, I experienced a sharp pain on my left foot, just in front of the heel. Those who practice Foot Fitness with me know exactly where that spot is. Pain after just 2 days!

The sneakers were wrong for my feet.  They had a small built-up cushion of support in front of the heel—two hours in those babies and BOOM… discomfort in my left foot.  

I returned the $140 specialty sneakers and opted for another pair that worked great. I even hiked four days in Utah without any issues, except the dusty trails.

And, I worked on my feet daily with the Foot Wakers to release the impact on my feet from hiking. 

So, when buying shoes, make sure any padded support hits the proper zones for your feet. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up with faulty weight-bearing induced by the shoe! 

You can practice the Walking Test while wearing the sneakers or other shoes to see if you can stretch and engage your “outside line,” your 5th metatarsal line.

Be sure there’s ample space for the balls of your feet and toes to stretch and activate.  You may even find your shoe size-changing by a ½ size when properly fitted. When I was sized correctly, I went up ½ a shoe size than I usually buy. 

Remember, the shoe is NOT the fix. 

Properly aligned bones and flexible muscles are the best long-term solution.  

The Ultimate Self Care For Your Feet

It’s hard to imagine, but did you know that your foot has 26 bones, 30 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments. That’s a lot of places a foot can lack space, narrow in (from shoes,) and malfunction.

Only a tiny percentage of people are born with foot problems. Most of the foot and heel pain is self-inflicted, and that doesn’t count all the proverbial “shooting myself in the foot” references:):)  

Foot problems are created and evolve from sacrifices to fashion and an overall lack of foot education and awareness.  That’s what makes YBR so powerful. You can correct a lifetime of foot dysfunction by starting a Foot Fitness self-care program today to help prevent or repair any breakdowns like Plantar Fasciitis heel pain.

Put your Best Foot Forward

The goal of any YBR Foot Fitness program is to increase your flexibility, improve your gait, and align your feet, so they function as designed.

The best part of YBR Foot Fitness is you are in charge.  Once you learn the basics, you can work on your feet whenever you want.  In the morning, waiting for the kettle to boil,  seated at your desk, or any time you have a few moments to hop on the Foot Wakers or Foot Savers.  

You deserve strong, healthy feet that can last you a lifetime and keep you on the go constantly.  Ready to take the Leap?  I will show you how.  

Visit YBR Anytime for an entire video library of exercises from your Face to your Feet!  All led by Moi, Dianne Glass, Master Yamuna Trainer, and Teacher.

Also, buy your equipment right here on this site>> Shop Balls.

Let’s put your BEST foot forward with YBR Foot Fitness.