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A ball is just a ball until you learn how to roll.

Start rolling now with live Zoom classes, workshops, or YBR anytime on demand.

Feel Your Best + Move Better + Drop Tension & Stress With Yamuna Body Rolling

Yamuna Body Rolling ( YBR) is a feel-good workout that gives you real core strength, leaves you energized, and relieves pain.

AND is one that you can do anywhere!

Our specially designed balls for feet, face, and body, feel like magical hands-on adjustments targeting those hard to get at places.

YBR gives you the power to self-treat your stress, inflexibility, and discomfort. It offers the benefits of a full-body fitness workout, yoga, massage, and healing — all rolled into one.

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Feel your muscles “wake up as you roll through the body.” The ball becomes the skilled hands of a therapist as you allow the ball to sink deep to the bone, reviving your tendons, muscles, and fascia – turning them on again.

This “awakening” is something you can do for yourself. The beauty is you can practice it anywhere. Just you, your body weight, and the correct balls can make a world of difference.

The smaller balls ‘go deep’ for more detailed muscle and tissue work, and larger balls release tension to create flexibility and space. Then there are specific YBR balls designed to roll your feet and face. YBR is full-body relief from head to toe.

You can have a strong, toned, pain-free, and unrestricted body with YBR.
Many fitness systems and regimens can end up causing injuries, but YBR is a non-impact method developed to prevent injury. This method is effective for everyone.
No matter your age or shape, Yamuna Body Rolling works for YOU.

YBR is your reliable method to relieve stress and enjoy all the activities and sports you love...

Have a way to drop stress and get moving at the beginning or end of your
day – no rush hour traffic or packed, sweaty yoga classes.

Use it in your office after hours of staring at a screen for a muscle quick-fix,
rolling out your tight hips and slouchy posture.

Roll out your spine after that long flight and feel the jet lag melt away.

Prevent injury and boost performance to continue to enjoy all the activities
and sports you love at any age.

From your Feet to your Face – We have a ball for that!

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How Do I Get Started?

First, you’ll need balls.

You can get started with a minimal amount of balls and a good mat. I usually suggest the Starter Kit that includes a Gold Ball and Black Ball Set.

When you’re ready to progress, you’ll want the complete set, including the face and feet balls.

Then try a 7-day free trial of YBR Anytime video subscription. Roll anywhere/anytime at home, the office, or on the go. Enjoy an entire library of YBR exercises, breathwork, and healing sequences.

There’s a beginner sequence to get you started. Then, search by body part and time to suit your needs and mood.

You also can join a live Zoom class with Me – Dianne. It’s small group training where I give real-time feedback.

Here’s you after Rolling…


Watch your fellow golfer envy grow as you swing through 18 holes without that handicap-crushing back pain.

Become the next Steve Jobs at work, minus the sore neck, tight wrists, and explosive attitude (ooph).

Leave your supersonic grandchildren in the dust (no more achy shoulders or “quick breaks”). They’ll be the ones asking you for a quick nap. 

Place your mat in the front of your next yoga class, and feel your chaturanga flow like Superman meets Simone Biles.

“Dianne has really found a great self-help tool for stretching, flexibility and freeing up the all important fascia and muscles with amazing results… it is definitely something you should try.”
World famous golf genius
“My body keeps getting better every day. I wake up every morning and say to myself, “WOW” what a difference. I’m “feeling alive again” and filled with energy since I added YBR Anytime routines to my life.”
–Ali B
“It feels like a thousand magical elves just caressed my body and sucked out all my stress”
-Justin B.
“ I felt relief after my first YBR session. After suffering from debilitating pain from Lyme disease for years, I finally discovered YBR. I regained my strength and posture. The best part was that the YBR Anytime videos allowed me to target the areas that needed the most work.”
-Nikki F.
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This is my virtual Yamuna Body Rolling studio,
where I offer ideas and inspiration to keep your body fit & fabulous.

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You have questions, I have answers

No, experience IS NOT necessary. You can learn how to roll with the YBR Anytime videos. We have beginner to advanced videos to keep you rolling, improving, and feeling good!

We only recommend our proprietary balls for safety, quality and effectiveness. We never recommend hard balls with no give, like lacrosse balls or hard foam rollers. Remember, this is not a “no pain, no gain method.” We want a healing response, not pain!

While we highly suggest that before you try any exercise program, you get the Ok from your Healthcare Provider. YBR has many modifications that you can do that accommodate all body types. Even restoratively in bed. YBR has been known to help various physical problems. However, it is not a replacement for medical advice. Likewise, I always suggest you seek a certified YBR Instructor in your area to work with if you have more serious health or physical limitations. Then follow up for homework at home with your YBR Anytime videos!

YBR offers a mild form of weight-bearing exercise. Your body weight sinks into the ball and directly stimulates the bone-building cells. YBR is an excellent technique for improving bone quality.

*Important: weight-bearing exercise can indeed help build bone density. However, people often perform weight-bearing exercises with faulty alignment, and as a result, they can wind up injuring their joints. Using YBR before an exercise session will open space in your bones and joints and minimize the risk of injury.

On its own, YBR can keep you strong and toned and prevent — even treat painful conditions. It is an excellent method to cross-train with for athletes and non-athletes alike. Perfect for exploring and learning about your body’s anatomy for self-healing.

Try it pre or post-workout or before athletics of any kind; for short breaks in the office to relieve muscle tension; destress your mind at the end of a busy day; take the balls in bed and work on them restoratively to promote a great night’s sleep.

YBR offers many possibilities to recharge and feel great!
I can’t wait to see you on the ball.