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Learn How to Fix Leg Cramps and Become Pain-Free
how to fix leg cramps


Let’s talk about how to fix leg cramps, Painful leg cramps in your calves can happen at any time of the day or night. These sudden spasms can occur during exercise, stretching, and even when you sleep. You’ve likely experienced the sudden, intense pain of a leg cramp. The spasm-like movement can be frightening to deal with like when sleeping or exercising on hot days.

Your calf muscles act as shock absorbers and with every step tension builds. This sustained impact can make the calf muscles feel like concrete. Because your calf muscles attach to your Achilles tendon, when the Achilles shortens and tightens, the calf muscles contract. This tightening contributes to painful leg cramps.

The term “Achilles Heel” (from Greek Mythology) is defined as “a weakness or vulnerable point”. Roll out the Achilles tendon, so it doesn’t become your Achilles heel!

In this 3 minute Body Rolling move, you will learn how to fix leg cramps by kneeling and placing the black balls deep behind the knees to open and support the joint. Then sink into the beginning of the lower leg bones, continue rolling down the calf muscles all the way to the heel. It will hurt so good and your legs will feel light, strong, supple, and toned.

A few things to be mindful of on how to fix leg cramps.


You have to be able to be in a kneeling position to even do this exercise. No worries if you can’t. We have many other solutions to enjoy on YBR Anytime.


Alignment here is important. Please follow the video for proper alignment tips.


This exercise elicits an intense sensation at first before the muscles actually let go. That “ahh, hurt so good”  is the feeling you’re going for. This can feel intense, especially if you’re a runner or play high-impact sports. If the sensation is too strong, you can adjust how much downward pressure feels good to you.


The balls can be slightly deflated for less intensity. Those that love a deep sensation need to understand that a slightly softer ball will allow you to sink, breathe and wait.  This actually gives a deeper release because you are communicating with the muscle fibers and not forcing pressure like with a foam roller.


Breathe, breathe, breathe! Breath is the most valuable ingredient to connect the body and mind. Visualize your muscles long, soft, flexible, and free of pain. Make it a “moving meditation”. It’s as easy as inhale, exhale and repeat.

Bonus benefit! Your Chi, Meridians, and Energy will flow.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, some of the most powerful acupuncture points run from the knees to the tips of the toes. This area is where the most blood and chi stagnation occurs. Rolling these meridians will boost circulation throughout your whole body and give you back the spring in your step!

Give it a roll. It’s less than 3 minutes and you will feel better, move with greater ease and relieve leg cramps!

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