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Squats For Lower Back Pain to Help Restore Vitality
restore vitality



Sitting is the New Smoking kick the habit and restore vitality

Studies have shown that sitting long periods of the day (as most of us do) has disastrous long term effects on our overall health. This is especially true for our hips, spine, digestion and overall energy.

When we sit all day, the muscles of our low-back are under constant compression (by the weight of your upper body). Hello slouching!

This means that for long periods of time, the discs and muscles of your low-back are being compressed while in this unnatural, static position of sitting in a chair.

These bad habits lead to muscles fatigue and tension that ultimately cause poor posture when combined with the complications of this type of situation which include back pain, spinal dysfunction, and joint degeneration.  I don’t mean to be dramatic but sitting too long Is Killing You! 

The Solution is Squatting.

In most traditional cultures around the world, lower back pain is almost non-existent, Probably because they perform a lot of physical labor and they rarely sit all day long. 

When we squat, our lumbar spine stretches the muscles in our low-back. It relieves compression and your weight is re-distributed between the muscles of the legs, hips and core. Also a great way to burn calories and lose weight while toning your muscles.

The squat also may stimulate nerves in the body that improve digestion by relaxing them–squeezing down on those muscles works wonders for helping regularity!

It improves digestion, balances energy flow, and calms the mind. You’ll be impressed with how much better your body will feel and it only takes 3-5 minutes a day! Squatting Is a perfect posture to restore vitality for the entire body. Even better we are going to make it easier by using The Foot Wakers

Learning to squat again using Foot Wakers.

First Let’s see if you can get into a squat!  

Keep Foot Wakers near you because we are going to use them! Have your heels at about hip distance apart and your toes pointed very slightly outward.  Crouch down letting the spine lengthen, curve and suspend. How close do your heels come to the ground?  How comfortable it this in your knees, hips and low back?

Feeling really tight? Unbalanced? Vulnerable?

Now ease the Foot Wakers under your heels. 

This relieves your short, tight achilles tendons that are screaming. And yes they are short from sitting all day!Again, let your head gently hang forward to stretch your spine.

Slowly begin to build the joint mobility needed to squat comfortably by squatting every day for just a few minutes several times a day using the Foot Wakers. Whether you are home or at the office these balls are small enough to throw in your bag in go so you can squat anywhere.

Then give it a try without the Foot Wakers and see if you can do a full squat. Alternate between both as the nubs of the Wakers are stimulating the chain of muscles of the posterior leg and are great for restoring flexibility in the feet and ankles. 

Now follow along with the video to learn proper form and tips to master the perfect squat!

Practice this several times a day with the Yamuna® Foot Wakers to restore vitality through your whole body.

YBR is “Your Body Regenerated!”

One more thing …So while I wrote this blog I squatted in my chair! 

Thank you for your time! I truly hope this helps. Feel free to check out my other videos I have a ball for every pain and ache you may have.

xo Dianne