Yamuna Body Rolling…

A ball is just a ball until you learn how to roll.

Why train in the Yamuna® method?

Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR) is a fresh approach to opening and strengthening your body. YBR will give your body correct alignment and free its energy, all while giving you a complete workout that increases your core strength and tones your muscles.

As a nonimpact technique to achieve both fitness and wellness, the concept of Body Rolling is quite simple: your body weight sinks into the ball as your body elongates this creates traction that allows a deep release giving you the benefits of a full body fitness workout, yoga, massage and healing — all rolled into one.

Body Rolling is the powerful self-help exercise companion developed as a way to give yourself the incredible effects of a Body Logic session. Together they work in harmony to help you achieve a strong, toned body, freeing restrictions, tension or stress.

Learn how to “self fix”

Through group class or private sessions, you will learn specific techniques to release each part of your body. In class you are given balls of various sizes, depending on what parts of the body you are working. Some balls allow for more detailed muscle and tissue work and other balls release tension to create relaxation and space from head to toe. As you roll through the body you feel your muscles “wake up.” The ball becomes the skilled hands of a therapist as you allow the ball to sink deep to the bone, reviving your tendons, muscles and ligaments – turning them on again. This “awakening” is something you can do for yourself. The beauty is you can practice it anywhere. Just you and the correct balls can make a world of difference.


You can fix you. No matter your age or shape, YBR works for YOU.


Many fitness systems and regimens can end up causing injuries, but YBR is developed to prevent injury. This method is effective for everyone. It will actually increase your vitality through deep myofascial release, bone stimulation and neurological re-patterning so you can achieve a more beneficial structural alignment. Through YBR you can have a strong, toned, pain-free and un-restricted body. Give your body a sense of freedom.


Start rolling now with live Zoom classes, workshops or YBR anytime on demand.


Enjoy the glow after just one session – eyes more relaxed, the brows lifted…the whole face rejuvenated and lifted.


“Wake up” your feet and increase your balance, strength and flexibility.


The ball releases one side of the body, as the practitioner’s hands releases the other side. And you just relax!


“Dianne Glass has really found a great self-help tool for stretching, freeing up the all-important fascia and working on those hard-to-get-at spots in your body. It’s called body rolling and Dianne has achieved some amazing results. Used by professional athletes and the general public alike, body rolling gets you more mobile, flexible and generally feeling more healthy. Dianne is one of the leading exponents of teaching people how to use the balls that are involved in body rolling, and if you are interested in good health and your body feeling good, it is definitely something you should try.”

– DAVID LEADBETTER, World famous golf genius.