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Nice to meet you I’m Dianne Glass

And no, I wasn’t born as the go-to advanced practitioner and teacher trainer who’s helped 1000’s of top athletes, stressed-out professionals, and exhausted baby boomers self-heal injuries, drop tension and stress and find balance. That came from my own healing first.

Over 30 years ago, I was recently widowed with a 2-year-old daughter. Desperately seeking relief from the wear and tear wrecking my body as a massage therapist. I was just about to quit practicing massage… until I met Body Rolling founder, Yamuna Zake. We began rolling on balls to find and feel our muscles and bones. And so, Yamuna® Body Rolling was born. (aka YBR)

Quickly, it evolved into using balls to self-heal the body’s stress, pain, and alignment issues. It’s still working for me 30 years later!

Want to know what YBR is exactly?

It’s quite simple, even if the name sounds mysterious.

When you roll, each part of your body gets that necessary space to move freely and here’s what happens:

Blood flow is unobstructed = Increased energy.

Organs float rather than stay stuck = Better poops, less painful periods & a strong, lifted core.

Lungs breathe fully = Start taking the stairs for fun!

Joints have full range of motion = You’ll move like Jagger!

Body parts de-stress = Feel better and move with ease.


Wanna know more about me?

Moved to Maui with only 200 bucks when I was 19! These days, I have more in the bank but believe you can (and should) have access to health without spending your mortgage to get it.

My Champion Prize-fighting grandfather introduced me to massage with “old school” rub-downs and conditioning exercises.

I literally ran away with the circus as a scenic artist for The Ringling Brothers. (It fueled my creative juices + I love the flying trapeze!)

You can find me giving my dogs Acupuncture. In return, they don’t chew my YBR balls!

I live in the house I grew up in. A 1926 Spanish-style, tropical oasis in Sarasota Florida… Stay here in my Airbnb and book a healing YBR Retreat with me.

Know a Peruvian Shaman? I do. I studied Plant Medicine with him in the Amazon Rainforest. (He taught me to let go of fear and find inner peace)

Check out my street cred…

Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Academy of Chinese Healing Arts)

Licensed Massage Therapist (too many advanced certifications to list, but I know what an ischial tuberosity is, and so will you.)

Licensed Esthetician (let’s talk skincare at your next session)

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Now, it’s your turn…

Let’s get rolling and heal your body.

YBR instantly helps you feel more aligned, flexible and toned…using just a YBR ball.

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“Dianne has really found a great self-help tool for stretching, flexibility and freeing up the all important fascia and muscles with amazing results… it is definitely something you should try.”
World famous golf genius
“My body keeps getting better every day. I wake up every morning and say to myself, “WOW” what a difference. I’m “feeling alive again” and filled with energy since I added YBR Anytime routines to my life.”
–Ali B
“It feels like a thousand magical elves just caressed my body and sucked out all my stress”
-Justin B.
“ I felt relief after my first YBR session. After suffering from debilitating pain from Lyme disease for years, I finally discovered YBR. I regained my strength and posture. The best part was that the YBR Anytime videos allowed me to target the areas that needed the most work.”
-Nikki F.
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