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Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain

Fix your Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain

I bet you have foot pain, heel pain, or maybe even Plantar Fasciitis heel pain if you’re reading this. Did your first step this morning grab your attention with a […]

natural sinus relief

Natural Sinus Relief with YBR Face Ball Breathing

Ahhh springtime… flowers blooming, warmer weather (for some) and longer days abound.  The downside of springtime is the pollen from those fabulous blooms can cause annoying seasonal allergies.  If that […]

eye strain relief

Better Eye Strain Relief with YBR

Looking for ways to remove eye strain?How about some Eye Strain Relief with YBR? The eyes are like every other part of the body.  They need TLC to function and […]

yamuna retreats

What in the World Makes Yamuna Retreats more enchanting than the rest!

With so many choices in retreats these days what makes a Yamuna Retreats stand out from the rest?  For starters, YBR Retreats is a multi-day, immersive experience all about regenerating […]

recovery after colon cancer surgery

My Recovery After Colon Cancer Surgery With Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR)

Here is my story of how I prepared for and my recovery after colon cancer surgery, or more specifically colorectal cancer recovery or just plain rectal cancer recovery. It’s surreal […]

restore vitality

Squats For Lower Back Pain to Help Restore Vitality

  Sitting is the New Smoking kick the habit and restore vitality Studies have shown that sitting long periods of the day (as most of us do) has disastrous long […]

yamuna yoga

Yamuna Yoga is the inspiration that started it all

Did you know the inspiration for Yamuna Yoga’s full-body fitness workout grew from the ancient practice of Yoga?  Yamuna Zake, a Yogi and originator of Yamuna Body Rolling, was searching […]

how to fix leg cramps

Learn How to Fix Leg Cramps and Become Pain-Free

Let’s talk about how to fix leg cramps, Painful leg cramps in your calves can happen at any time of the day or night. These sudden spasms can occur during exercise, […]

computer neck stretches

YBR Computer Neck Stretches

Want to learn more about computer neck stretches?Do you have neck pain from sitting at a computer for long hours? How about logging in over time with social media or […]