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My Recovery After Colon Cancer Surgery With Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR)
recovery after colon cancer surgery


Here is my story of how I prepared for and my recovery after colon cancer surgery, or more specifically colorectal cancer recovery or just plain rectal cancer recovery.

It’s surreal to wake up groggy from a routine colonoscopy to a voice whispering “well, my dear,  you have colon cancer.” 

Still disoriented from the propofol, it felt like time was standing still, and I observed something happening to someone else. Then I suddenly realized “oh shit she’s talking to me!” 

What transpired next is an indescribable wave of emotions, sobering that anesthesia loopy high. This abrupt news set off a feeling very different from grief or fear or anger. Instead, a feeling of powerlessness radiated through me that I’d never before experienced.

For once I was speechless. Yet even in my foggy state, I heard that inner voice saying, hold on. “You’ve got this.”

Surrendering to a floodgate of tears, I changed into my clothes and held my partner’s hand as he escorted me to the car. 

I’ve been a very health conscience person my whole life. No amount of logical reasoning helped me to understand or deduce how “I” got cancer!” Just goes to show cancer doesn’t care how healthy you are it’s all about how we fight back that matters and cancer wasn’t going to keep me down.

I have decided to share my story with you because mine has a positive outcome. My cancer was early (stage 1). I made it my mission to nourish my body, calm my mind and prepare myself for the new normal of my body, a body I had known for over 50 years, now suddenly with its surgically-altered intestines. 

YBR helped my colon cancer recovery

Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) played a huge part in my preparation for surgery and my recovery after colon cancer surgery. I rolled daily in my abdomen, ribs, and spine to create as much space and opening for the surgery. Recovery after colon cancer surgery was brutal, but as soon as I was healed internally, I started to roll my abdomen again. 

The large diffuse gold ball was my go-to companion…like Wilson in the movie castaway

Using YBR gave me a tool and focus for healing. As I progressed with my healing, I could tolerate rolling deeper, and I realized I was returning to my old pre-surgical self. I truly feel that YBR was a crucial part of my healing process. 

Rolling through it all

A huge landmark for me was teaching a 3-day YBR Phase 1 Certification training only 8 weeks post-op!  I rolled with black balls detailing the abdominal muscles with our AnatomyU App. It felt liberating to break up scar tissue and turn on those muscles again! 

Our wondrous abdomen is full of vital organs that are sacs of facial energy superhighways. Even with scar tissue and 18 inches less of the large intestine, rolling ignited the AGNI, or FIRE, of my energy center of the body. 

Abdominal routines have always been my favorite area to roll! They are great for digestion, prolapse, and toning. If your lower back hurts or your posture is slumping, roll your belly! It brings relief to the lumbar spine and helps lift your posture, so you stand up effortlessly!

Try this abdominal routine now!

Enjoy this quick abdominal video to ignite your AGNI and tone your core energy! Adding a breath of fire makes it even more powerful!

For more exercises check out our YBR Anytime video subscription.  Try the 7 Day FREE Trial!  

If you have any questions leave them in the comments section and I will respond.  

Hope to see you on the Ball!

xo, Dianne