YBR Computer Neck Stretches

computer neck stretches

Want to learn more about computer neck stretches?
Do you have neck pain from sitting at a computer for long hours?

How about logging in over time with social media or words with friends? Swipe right/swipe left more than you want to admit?

Well, you may not realize just how much damage it’s doing to your neck and posture.

Those hours focusing on a computer screen or mobile device has a tendency to round the shoulders and draw the eyes into the screen. This forward head posture will soon create a stiff neck. Sound familiar?

 I have a fix…try these computer neck stretches

Watch this 3-minute video below demonstrating a quick YBR Computer Neck Stretches with the Gold Ball for instant relief.

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How to roll your pain away YBR!

roll your pain away

Look and feel your best with YBR (Yamuna® Body Rolling). Learn the basics of body rolling – benefits, techniques, and quick fixes to roll your pain away. Stay up to date with new developments, my personal experiences, and reviews of how this technique is life-changing and transformative. Also, get a glimpse of retreats and classes as I travel the globe to offer this incredible practice to all.

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