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How to roll your pain away YBR!
roll your pain away


Look and feel your best with YBR (Yamuna® Body Rolling). Learn the basics of body rolling – benefits, techniques, and quick fixes to roll your pain away. Stay up to date with new developments, my personal experiences, and reviews of how this technique is life-changing and transformative. Also, get a glimpse of retreats and classes as I travel the globe to offer this incredible practice to all.

It’s for everyone.

Whether you’re an avid fitness buff, a dabbler in wellness, or in dire need of chronic pain relief – this is a method you can use at any level of ability and see results.

Do it yourself… anytime, anywhere.

Watch the accompanying video for an easy, breezy, quick tune-up for your sit bones. It will only take a few minutes and you’ll feel better immediately! Once you learn a few simple techniques, YBR balls will be your go-to for rolling out pain and discomfort. Plus you’ll get really fit and strong too.

It’s a liberating feeling of self healing wonderfulness. 

In YBR we always start on a boney landmark. This is VERY important to get the best results. When we start on bone, we stimulate, soften, and wake up ligament, tendon, and muscle attachments to elicit a juicy release. Ahh, sweet release!

So grab your favorite YBR Ball, because we are going to G.O.Y.A…Get On Your Ass and place the ball just at the gluteal fold, where your sit bones reside. Roll your pain away for good.

This is where I start most of my rolling sessions to sink, melt and connect with the ball. 

Like what you see?  Then let’s get you rolling. Subscribe today to YBR Anytime, my online video subscription guiding you through YBR…the Yamuna® Body Rolling Method.

YBR Anytime provides a full library of postures and quick fixes for every part of the body…feet and face too! New videos are added regularly.

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With much love and appreciation!

xo Dianne