YBR Stretch for Computer Neck

Do you have neck pain from sitting at a computer for long hours?

How about logging in overtime with social media or words with friends? Swipe right/swipe left more than you want to admit?

Well you may not realize just how much damage it’s doing to your neck and posture.

Those hours focusing into a computer screen or mobile device has a tendency to round the shoulders and draw the eyes into the screen. This forward head posture will soon create a stiff neck. Sound familiar?

 I have a fix…

Watch this 3 minute video below demonstrating a quick YBR Neck Stretch with the Gold Ball for instant relief.

This move encourages your neck and shoulder to relax, re-align and destress. You’ll feel better and move with greater ease.

Need inspiration? Set yourself up for even greater success with a YBR Anytime subscription. Follow along with more YBR moves to work any place in the body that’s in need of sweet release.

It is a welcome break that will calm your mind and help you focus and be more productive.


Body Rolling is all about restoring space

Those hours sitting causes the body’s posture to collapse and repetitive strain & impact to occur. The neck and shoulder muscles are a super restricted area for most of us. And this stretch is effective because it addresses the anterior neck where you feel all locked up.

Lengthening and grabbing the neck muscles here counteracts forward head postures and balances the front of the neck muscles, to the back neck muscles, to feel more in balance. Another benefit is It also relaxes the jaw.


Don’t forget to roll out the stress of your day.

I just uploaded a new 20 minute YBR Anytime video that will de-stress lift and lengthen your spine, shoulders and chest.

Give it a try. It will unwind the effects of poor posture from your day. Your body will feel light, free and flexible. Again, if you need guidance check out my YBR anytime  subscription where you can follow along at home, in your office or on the go.


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BTW…My personal computer habits tend more toward travel sites or home decor…But I’m always up for a good words with friends game!

Thanks for your computer time!

xo Dianne








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