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Our adorable little pump is powerful enough to quickly inflate and deflate the YBR® balls. Better yet, its perfect size takes up very little space in your overnight bag, so it’s easy to do YBR® anywhere you travel. Our pump has been specifically designed to work optimally with the Yamuna balls. While many standard sport pumps with a ball nozzle work, some are too large resulting in damaging the valve. A well cared for ball will last you a long time. And by the way, all balls are shipped deflated except for the black balls and face balls. Our pump is portable and lightweight we highly recommend it!

Tips for best inflation and care of balls:

  • Moisten the needle and twist as you insert or remove.
  • Do not force, and do not over-inflate. (The balls need a little give).
  • The first time you inflate your ball, do so until the slight bulge begins to disappear. The bulge will roll out after a few uses.
  • Unscrew the pin nozzle insert into valve to deflate you ball. (Don’t forget to screw it back on the pump)!

Note: Do not insert needle into the back bulb of the pump as this will damage it

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Weight 2.4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 2.5 in


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