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Natural Sinus Relief with YBR Face Ball Breathing

natural sinus relief

Ahhh springtime… flowers blooming, warmer weather (for some) and longer days abound.  The downside of springtime is the pollen from those fabulous blooms can cause annoying seasonal allergies.  If that irritation from stuffy sinuses has you one with a box of tissues, then I have a Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) remedy for you to try.  A … Read more

Better Eye Strain Relief with YBR

eye strain relief

Looking for ways to remove eye strain?How about some Eye Strain Relief with YBR? The eyes are like every other part of the body.  They need TLC to function and stay in shape.  This simple eye strain relief technique using the Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) Face Ball can really help. Eye Strain Relief with YBR … Read more

No more resting bitch face. Let Yamuna Save Your Face!

yamuna save your face

Want a face that looks younger and feels better?
Well, let Yamuna save your face.

Roll away tension, stress, fine lines, and sagging with the YBR Face Ball.

Your facial muscles and bones need circulation, tone, and proper alignment.
How do I do that?
Face Ball to the rescue!

Think of how much work your face is doing every day… chewing, squinting, talking. And yet treating the face muscles is often overlooked in overall health regimes. Let Yamuna save your face.

I’ve helped so many people with jaw pain, sinus pressure, tension headaches, and more. Chronic neck problems, fine lines, and wrinkles are often caused because the bones of the skull and face are tight and contracted. Once you begin this self-treatment, you will be amazed by the benefits.  You will feel the stress melt away.  You can feel as good as you look!

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