YBR Retreats

Bucket list destinations…where just stepping on property you say ahhh!

Come roll away with me

 A YBR Retreat is your chance to take some much needed “me” time and tune out from life’s distractions for a week of profound healing, healthy organic food and unique adventure. From urban weekend retreat getaways to epic destinations, come roll and revitalize your body and mind with YBR.

Let’s have a ball

YBR Retreats are fun and completely stress-free. Every aspect of your journey from the location, accommodations, beautiful food and cultural experiences, is planned in advance just for you.  We choose off – the – beaten path locations that ooze a wellness vibe, are sustainably minded and where just stepping on property you say ahhh!


Here’s how we roll

A typical day looks like this…

We start the day with an invigorating morning YBR breath work. Yes, there’s balls involved!

We get the prana flowing and prime the body for the days focused YBR class.


After breakfast, is a YBR hand & foot fitness class that flows right into into a  YBR body rolling session. 

Each day focuses on specific body areas to roll through tension and melt away stress.  

Afternoons are all yours

Feel like exploring? There are plenty of activities and excursions to enjoy the local culture.

Need chill time? Book one of our mind-blowing YBR body treatments or just relax and absorb the day’s rolling.


Come roll away with me… and discover just how great you’ll will feel on YBR Retreat.


Why? Computers aren’t the only thing that need a re-boot!

YBR Country Side Retreat Umbria, Italy

Thursday July 18 – Sunday July, 21
Daily Body Rolling • Italian Cuisine • Umbria Jazz Festival

Costa Rica Rainforest Rolling Retreat

Sunday, September 22 – Saturday, September 28
Daily Body Rolling • Organic & Biodynamic Farm • Forest Bathing

Bohemian Harmony Jamaica Rolling Retreat

Saturday January 25th – Friday January 31th
Daily Body Rolling • Organic Farm Fresh Food • Epic Excursions

Urban Retreat Round Top, Texas

Friday, October 25 – Sunday, October 27
Daily Body Rolling • Farm fresh Food • Vintage shopping


“I had the great pleasure of participating in a Yamuna® retreat with Dianne Glass, and I found the practice and body logic transformative. I’ve been doing forms of pranayama for decades, and Dianne’s breath work combined with postures was unique and profoundly enlivening. Dianne, what a powerful retreat!” -TOM NEWMARK. Finca Luna Nueva Lodge, Costa Rica