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How I prepared and healed from colon cancer.

It’s surreal to wake up groggy from a routine colonoscopy to a voice whispering “well, my dear,  you have colon cancer.” 

Still disoriented from the propofol, it felt like time was standing still and I was observing something happening to someone else. Then I suddenly realized “oh shit she’s talking to me!” 

What transpired next is an indescribable wave of emotions, sobering that anesthesia loopy high. This abrupt news set off a feeling very different from grief or fear or anger. Instead, a feeling of powerless radiated through me that I’d never before experienced.

For once I was speechless. Yet even in my foggy state, I heard that inner voice saying, hold on. “You’ve got this.”

Surrendering to a floodgate of tears, I changed into my clothes and held my partners hand as he escorted me to the car. 

I’ve been a very health conscience person my whole life. No amount of logical reasoning helped me to understand or deduce how “I” got cancer!” 

I have decided to share my story with you, because mine has a positive outcome. I caught my cancer early (stage 1). I made it my mission to nourish my body, calm my mind and prepare myself for the new normal of my body, a body I had known for over 50 years, now suddenly with its surgically-altered intestines. 

YBR helped me heal.

YBR played a huge part in my preparation for surgery and my recovery. I rolled daily in my abdomen, ribs and spine to create as much space and opening for the surgery. Recovery from surgery was brutal, but as soon as I was healed internally, I started to roll my abdomen again. 

The large diffuse gold ball was my go-to companion…like Wilson in the movie castaway

Using YBR gave me a tool and focus for healing. As I progressed with my healing, I could tolerate rolling deeper, and I realized I was returning to my old pre-surgical self. I truly feel that YBR was a crucial part of my healing process. 

Rolling through it all.

A huge landmark for me was teaching a 3 day YBR Phase 1 Certification training only 8 weeks post-op!  I rolled with black balls detailing the abdominal muscles with our AnatomyU App. It felt liberating to break up scar tissue and turn on those muscles again! 

Our wondrous abdomen is full of vital organs that are sacs of facial energy superhighways. Even with scar tissue and 18 inches less of large intestine, rolling ignited the AGNI, or FIRE, of my energy center of the body. 

Abdominal routines have always been my favorite area to roll! They are great for digestion, prolapse and toning. If your low back hurts or your posture is slumping, roll your belly! It brings relief to the lumbar spine and helps lift your posture, so you stand up effortlessly!

Try this abdominal routine now!

Enjoy this quick abdominal video to ignite your AGNI and tone your core energy! Adding breath of fire makes it even more powerful!

Want more routines subscribe to YBRAnytime for a full online library.




YBR & Squatting for vitality


Sitting is the New Smoking

Studies have shown that sitting long periods of the day (as most of us do) has disastrous long term effects on our overall health. This is especially true for our hips, spine, digestion and overall energy.

When we sit all day, the muscles of our low-back are under constant compression (by the weight of your upper body). Hello slouching!

This means that for long periods of time, the discs and muscles of your low-back are being compressed while in this unnatural, static position of sitting in a chair. I don’t mean to be dramatic but sitting too long Is Killing You! 


The Solution is Squatting.

In most traditional cultures around the world, lower back pain is almost non-existent, Probably because they perform a lot of physical labor and they rarely sit all day long. 

When we squat, our lumbar spine stretches the muscles in our low-back. It relieves compression and your weight is re-distributed between the muscles of the legs, hips and core. 

It improves digestion, balances energy flow, and calms the mind. You’ll be impressed with how much better your body will feel and it only takes 3-5 minutes a day! Squatting Is a perfect posture to restore vitality for the entire body. Even better we are going to make it easier by using The Foot Wakers.


Learning to squat again using Foot Wakers.

First Let’s see if you can get into a squat!  

Keep Foot Wakers near you because we are going to use them! Have your heels at about hip distance apart and your toes pointed very slightly outward.  Crouch down letting the spine lengthen, curve and suspend. How close do your heels come to the ground?  How comfortable it this in your knees, hips and low back?

Feeling really tight? Unbalanced? Vulnerable?


Now ease the Foot Wakers under your heels. 

This relieves your short, tight achilles tendons that are screaming. And yes they are short from sitting all day!Again, let your head gently hang forward to stretch your spine.

Slowly begin to build the joint mobility needed to squat comfortably by squatting every day for just a few minutes several times a day using the Foot Wakers.

Then give it a try without the Foot Wakers and see if you can do a full squat. Alternate between both as the nubs of the Wakers are stimulating the chain of muscles of the posterior leg and are great for restoring flexibility in the feet and ankles. 

Now follow along with the video to learn proper form and tips to master the perfect squat!


Practice this several times a day with the Yamuna® Foot Wakers to vitalize your whole body.

YBR is “Your Body Regenerated!”


One more thing …So while I wrote this blog I squatted in my chair! 

Thank you for your time! I truly hope this helps.

xo Dianne

YBR & Yoga a powerful union. 

Did you know the inspiration for Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) grew from the ancient practice of Yoga? 


Yamuna Zake, a Yogi and originator of Yamuna® Body Rolling, was searching for a way to heal herself from an injury that occurred during childbirth. Frustrated by her lingering injury, Yamuna went back to explore what she knows best, the logic and wisdom of Yoga! 


Combining the principles of Yoga with her knowledge of anatomy, she created Yamuna Body Rolling as way for us to work on our own body, using her specially designed body balls. YBR offers the benefits of a full body fitness workout, yoga, massage and healing – all rolled into one.


While there is a much longer story to the entire evolution of the technique, Yoga was the path of inspiration for the Yamuna® Body Rolling Method.



YBR Yoga is a unique Body Rolling practice using various Yamuna® balls as a supportive prop to explore Yoga asanas. As your body sinks into the balls, a traction is created encouraging proper alignment and space for you to breath into. 

The result is an incredible release of “stuck energy” in tightly held areas of the body. This energy release is what make us feel “ohh so good” after a YBR Yoga or Body Rolling session.


In both Yoga and YBR, we are looking at the body in a 360 degree view. From this perspective, the front, back and side of the body are balanced, strong and free of collapse, counteracting the negative effects of gravity and a sedentary lifestyle.



Today’s video uses the Yamuna® Foot Savers in Tadasana or mountain pose.  A great place to start because your feet are the foundation for all standing postures.


Place the Foot Savers just in front of your heel. This lifts the arch, aligns your bones, creating balance and grounding. The Foot Savers help prevent common misalignment issues we all have. 


Root to rise, and give it a go! 


Want to explore more YBR Yoga? There are more detailed Yoga flows, YBR breathing exercises and Foot Fitness on YBR Anytime, my online Yamuna® Body Rolling Studio subscription.  


Because we are a body electric, moving and freeing stuck energy with YBR allows us to live vibrantly and free of pain. YBR is “Your Body Regenerated!”


Namaste Ya’ll

xo Dianne 

Do you get leg cramps? Here’s the fix.


Painful leg cramps in your calves can happen at any time of the day or night. These sudden spasms can occur during exercise, stretching and even when you sleep.

Your calf muscles act as shock absorbers and with every step tension builds. This sustained impact can make the calf muscles feel like concrete. Because your calf muscles attach to your achilles tendon, when the achilles shortens and tightens, the calf muscles contract. This tightening contributes to painful leg cramps.

The term “Achilles Heel” (from Greek Mythology) is defined as “a weakness or vulnerable point”. Roll out the achilles tendon, so it doesn’t become your achilles heel!

In this 3 minute Body Rolling move, you start by kneeling and placing the black balls deep behind the knees to open and support the joint. Then sink into the beginning of the lower leg bones, continue rolling down the calf muscles all the way to the heel. It will hurt so good and your legs will feel light, strong, supple and toned.


A few things to be mindful of…


You have to be able to be in a kneeling position to even do this exercise. No worries if you can’t. We have many other solutions to enjoy on YBR Anytime.


Alignment here is important. Please follow the video for proper alignment tips.


This exercise elicits an intense sensation at first, before the muscles actually let go. That “ahh, hurt so good”  is the feeling you’re going for. This can feel intense, especially if you’re a runner or play high impact sports. If the sensation is too strong, you can adjust how much downward pressure feels good to you.


The balls can be slightly deflated for less intensity. Those that love a deep sensation need to understand that a slightly softer ball will allow you to sink, breathe and wait.  This actually gives a deeper release because you are communicating with the muscle fibers and not forcing pressure like with a foam roller.


Breathe, breathe, breathe! Breath is the most valuable ingredient to connect the body and mind. Visualize your muscles long, soft, flexible and free of pain. Make it a “moving meditation”. It’s as easy as inhale, exhale and repeat.

Bonus benefit! Your Chi, Meridians and Energy will flow.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine some of the most powerful acupuncture points run from the knees to the tips of the toes. This area is where the most blood and chi stagnation occurs. Rolling these meridians will boost circulation throughout your whole body and give you back the spring in your step!


Give it a roll. It’s less than 3 minutes and you will feel better, move with greater ease and relieve leg cramps!


If you want more inspiration, head over to join YBR Anytime for a full library of Yamuna® Body Rolling videos and more.

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As always thank you for your computer time.

with much love and appreciation,

xo Dianne



YBR Stretch for Computer Neck

Do you have neck pain from sitting at a computer for long hours?

How about logging in overtime with social media or words with friends? Swipe right/swipe left more than you want to admit?

Well you may not realize just how much damage it’s doing to your neck and posture.

Those hours focusing into a computer screen or mobile device has a tendency to round the shoulders and draw the eyes into the screen. This forward head posture will soon create a stiff neck. Sound familiar?

 I have a fix…

Watch this 3 minute video below demonstrating a quick YBR Neck Stretch with the Gold Ball for instant relief.

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No more resting bitch face. YBR Face ball to the rescue!

Want a face that looks younger and feels better?

Roll away tension, stress, fine lines and sagging with the YBR Face Ball.

Your facial muscles and bones need circulation, tone and proper alignment. How do I do that? Face Ball to the rescue!

Think of how much work your face is doing everyday… chewing, squinting, talking. And yet treating the face muscles is often overlooked in overall health regimes.

I’ve helped so many people with jaw pain, sinus pressure, tension headaches and more. Chronic neck problems, fine lines and wrinkles are often caused because the bones of the skull and face are tight and contracted. Once you begin this self treatment, you will be amazed by the benefits.  You will feel stress melt away.  You can feel as good as you look! Read More

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How to roll away pain with YBR!

Look and feel your best with YBR (Yamuna® Body Rolling) . Learn the basics of body rolling – benefits, techniques, and quick fixes to roll away your pain. Stay up to date with new developments, my personal experiences, and reviews of how this technique is life changing and transformative. Also, get a glimpse of retreats and classes as I travel the globe to offer this incredible practice to all.

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