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Hands On Table Treatment

Yamuna Hands on Table Treatment

Designed by Yamuna as a signature treatment for the famous Canyon Ranch Spa, this treatment translates Body Rolling into a hands-on therapeutic session. In the YBR Table treatment the body part being released is molded around the ball as the practitioner applies traction. A dual release occurs. The ball releases one side of the body, as the practitioner tractions her hands over the ball to elongate the other side of the body. The experience is an effective, deeply therapeutic unwinding that frees joint mobility and lengthens muscles to promote proper alignment.

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“Dianne Glass has really found a great self-help tool for stretching, freeing up the all-important fascia, and working on those hard-to-get-at spots in your body. It’s called body rolling and Dianne has achieved some amazing results. Used by professional athletes and the general public alike, body rolling gets you more mobile, flexible, and generally feeling more healthy. Dianne is one of the leading exponents of teaching people how to use the balls that are involved in body rolling, and if you are interested in good health and your body feeling good, it is definitely something you should try.”

DAVID LEADBETTER, World famous golf genius.

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