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Body Rolling FAQs

To get the most out of your all access subscription here are a few Body Rolling Faqs to help guide you.

Where do I login to view my videos?

Login is always on the upper right hand corner of each page of the site. Additional login areas are located throughout the home page.

Why is it asking for my login and password?

You are required to create a login and password to protect your privacy. In your account you have the ability to manage all your settings.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

You can unsubscribe at any time in your account. There are no refunds for partial month or yearly un-subscribes.

Can I put my subscription on hold?

Choose the on hold feature when you know you won’t have time to use the videos. Turn it on again when you are ready.

Does my subscription auto renew?

Your subscription is auto renewed monthly or yearly depending on your plan and your renewal date. You can manually select to not auto renew.

Enjoy your videos.