No more resting bitch face. YBR Face ball to the rescue!

Want a face that looks younger and feels better?

Roll away tension, stress, fine lines and sagging with the YBR Face Ball.

Your facial muscles and bones need circulation, tone and proper alignment. How do I do that? Face Ball to the rescue!

Think of how much work your face is doing everyday… chewing, squinting, talking. And yet treating the face muscles is often overlooked in overall health regimes.

I’ve helped so many people with jaw pain, sinus pressure, tension headaches and more. Chronic neck problems, fine lines and wrinkles are often caused because the bones of the skull and face are tight and contracted. Once you begin this self treatment, you will be amazed by the benefits.  You will feel stress melt away.  You can feel as good as you look!

You will look your best, natural and vibrant.  

I Love my Yamuna ® Face Ball.

When I have a special evening out and I want to look fresh, lifted and younger – the first step in my beauty regimen is face rolling. At night I use it to relax before bed. And it’s great way to start the day and relieve pain if you grind your teeth at night. That’s the cool things about this – it’s not just for vanity, it’s has therapeutic results too.

Here’s the best news.

You can roll it yourself!  Just like any other part of the body, your face is begging for sweet relief and attention. This will change the way you feel and begin the process of unwinding the tension throughout your body.


Today’s video is a quick intro. See how great a few minutes of Face ball can really give you relief.

Here’s how we roll…

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With much love and appreciation,

xo Dianne