YBR Face ball…It’s all in your head part 1!


Welcome Body Rollers…


I’m so glad you’re here for part one of my 4 -part series titled, “It’s all in your head!”

YBR Face Ball  is the star of my next four Vlogs.

I will be demonstrating this fabulous self-help tool with juicy tips how YBR Face Ball can help you!

Often people are first attracted to the YBR Face ball for vanity…it smooth’s fine lines and wrinkles and makes you look fresh. Who doesn’t want that?


Yet It does so much more…


In my private practice, often the missing link in lasting pain relief is treating the bones of the skull.

That may not sound spa-like, but once you experience tension relief by rolling your face

you’ll want to use it daily!

People report thinking clearer, grinding less, reduction in headaches, sinus relief and more.

Imagine how beautiful you’ll look from the inside out when you drop that tension and stress from your face and jaw.

BTW, todays model suffers from back pain! Yes, I use the YBR Face Ball to help him!


I’ll explain…

Please enjoy this 15 minute video.

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Feel free to reach out with any questions you have!

Thank you,

I hope to see you on the ball!

xo Dianne