Live Online


Welcome to Dianne’s live YBR Classes and Workshops on Zoom.

Setting up your phone, tablet or laptop:

Please join the meeting in zoom 15 minutes before the class starts.  This way you can get set up and ready on your mat.

Please activate the camera and your name display, so that I know who is where. I’ll be watching you!  Just like an in person class.

Try to position your entire mat into the picture. Ideally frame the view at a slight angle for me to see you.  Make sure you have enough space around your mat to move freely with plenty of room to roll.

I’ll start with a short explanation of class. Then, I will mute everyone’s sound to eliminate background noise. Also, to avoid any technical problems, you may not be able to join the class after we start.  

Stick around after class for a chat and any questions. 


What you will need:

  •  Comfortable yoga / athletic clothing, (form fitting performs best.)
  •  A yoga mat or carpet. 
  •  Yamuna® Balls Required for that class.
  •  Zoom app on a computer, tablet, iPad or mobile device.