A ball is just a ball until you learn how to roll!

The YBR Anytime Affiliate Program is a great opportunity for Yamuna® practitioners, wellness professionals and fitness instructors to support their clients with a Yamuna@ Body Rolling video subscription membership.  YBR Anytime makes it easy for them to roll at home, or on-the-go to immediately feel better in their body & move with ease.

You simply apply!  We want folks who truly believe in the benefits of Yamuna® body rolling! Everyone is looking for passive income, and the YBR Anytime Affiliate Program will enhance your practice, regardless of the size of your email list and number of social media followers.  In fact, you don’t even need a website to earn referral dollars.

Once approved we send you a welcome notification… So you can get started promoting YBR Anytime.

We make it easy for affiliates to start promoting YBR Anytime in your social media feeds, blog posts and email newsletters. You can choose from a variety of ready-to-use banner ads and promotions for YBR Anytime, each with your unique link embedded. When your client clicks on your promotion or custom link, and they purchase a membership, Cha Ching!  You receive a commission on all sales referrals for as long as your client is a YBR Anytime subscriber. You can track your referrals, subscriptions, and commissions from your custom dashboard.

A video subscription is a perfect enhancement for any wellness and fitness modality. We have 100’s of expertly guided videos, at all levels, to help your clients self-treat their stress, inflexibility and discomfort anywhere, any time. As your clients continue to feel better in their body, they come to your classes more enthusiastic and body aware.

Many of you know me as a YBR practitioner and a teacher trainer for 25+ years.  I am a true believer in the Yamuna® method.   These videos will help you grow your business and support all the amazing work you do every day, and earn more money for you.

So join in… and let’s get rolling together. 

Two YBR Anytime membership options!


Your promotion and sale of this membership option earns you from $4.40+ on each sale. This is residual monthly passive income.


Your promotion and sale of this membership option earns you from $22.80 on each sale in a one-time payout of passive income.

Supplement Your Income With YBR Anytime!

YBR Anytime Affiliates share the love

“Dianne Glass has really found a great self-help tool for stretching, flexibility and freeing up the all-important muscles with amazing results…It’s definitely something you need to try.” ~ DAVID LEADBETTER, Internationally acclaimed golf genius

“After suffering from debilitating pain from Lyme’s disease for many years I finally discovered body rolling. Dianne’s videos taught me to relieve the compression and stiffness that had plagued me for years. . The best part was that the videos allowed me to target the areas that needed the most work. I felt relief after my first session.  I would highly recommend you get started ASAP.” ~ NIKKI FORD

I use YBR Anytime with my clients and students to keep rolling with confidence on their own.  I love that I can suggest specific exercises to try for immediate relief. The more they improve, the more eager they are to attend more workshops, retreats and trainings with me. I love that we have this virtual collaboration to help our clients!” ~ ELIZABETH DEMMEL, Master Yamuna Body Rolling Instructor.

I would LOVE to promote YBR Anytime!

Awesome!  We’d love for you to apply.