Hi I’m Dianne, welcome to my online studio YBR Anytime and blog.

My mission is to help people like you feel better in your body with the Yamuna® Body Rolling Method (YBR).

I’ve blended decades of experience as an Acupuncture Physician, Body worker and Esthetician, with my love of self-healing with Yamuna Body Rolling.

As an advanced certifying Instructor and global retreat leader in the method, I created YBR Anytime to make this life changing work accessible to all.

Read the blog for tips on how to get the most from this technique. Then practice on the go with YBR Anytime, to keep your body healthy, fit and moving with ease at any age.

…Once you roll your body will ask for more.


The boxing ring is the least likely place you would expect to find the inspiration to become a healer but that’s where mine was born. My Champion Prize-fighting grandfather introduced me to the benefits of massage at a very young age.

Inspired by “old school” rubdowns and conditioning exercises, I naturally gravitated to the Healing Arts profession, which has become a life long passion for me. I received a license in massage therapy in 1981 while pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications from The University of South Florida.

To provide a wider holistic range of treatment options for clients, I obtained a master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Academy of Chinese Healing Arts and in 2003 rounded it all out with an esthetician license.

While all these approaches are helpful in healing the body at an energetic and holistic level, I continued to search for something more that would directly address and prevent injury in a practical structural way.

Luckily, in 1990 I stumbled across a life changing method called Body Logic. I traveled to Spain to study with its’ then obscure-originator Yamuna Zake, who I am fortunate to have as a teacher and friend. It was there in Spain, playing with balls, that the spark of inspiration for the creation of Body Rolling began.

Now decades later, The Yamuna® Brand is a worldwide entity. We continually grow and evolve as a global extended family with inspirational new work to share.

In addition to my private practice, I juggle many hats (or balls,) as an advanced certified practitioner and certifying instructor in all the Yamuna® Method modalities including Body Logic Bodywork, Body Rolling, Foot Fitness, Face Ball Rejuvenation, YBR Hands on Table Treatment and YBR Yoga.

My focus and passion are directed toward blending all of these complimentary practices and skills to guide you in transforming your limitations and physical struggles into personal growth and discovery. My goal is to connect you back to your own healing power, where you’ll find all the intuition you’ll need to help you achieve your potential and live a healthy, sustainable, creative and joyful life.


Through YBR you can have a strong, toned, pain-free, and un-restricted body. Give your body a sense of freedom.


“I had the great pleasure of participating in a Yamana® retreat with Dianne Glass, and I found the practice and body logic transformative.  I’ve been doing forms of pranayama for decades,  and Dianne’s breath work combined with postures was unique and profoundly enlivening. Dianne, what a powerful retreat!”.” -TOM NEWMARK. Finca Luna Nueva Lodge, Costa Rica